Преимущества электрических велосипедов


A group of friends decided to rent electric bikes for a day of exploring the city. They were having a great time riding around and taking in the sights when one of them had to use the restroom.

They pulled into a nearby park and the friend hopped off his e-bike to go find a restroom. As he was walking back, he noticed a group of people gathered around something. Curious, he went to check it out.

To his surprise, he saw that his electric bike had somehow rolled away and crashed into a tree, causing a small commotion. Embarrassed, he quickly rushed over to retrieve his bike.

It turned out that he had forgotten to put the kickstand down when he got off the bike, causing it to roll away. His friends couldn't stop laughing and teased him for the rest of the day.

Despite the mishap, they all had a great time on their electric bikes and made memories they would never forge.